You can count on Shadow Stalkers Paranormal for a professional and comprehensive investigation.


Our investigation centers around the client.  We perform thorough intake and research in order to learn as much as possible about the property, the paranormal activity, and your wishes.   Information is crucial to an effective investigation.


Our team begins its work in daylight, when we tour the property, take baseline readings, and set up our equipment. We identify areas of particular interest and prepare a strategy for our nighttime investigation.  


We return in the evening with an arsenal of investigative and data collection tools, and our investigation begins in earnest.  We use a variety of scientific tools, photographic techniques, and digital video and audio recordings to detect, communicate with, and document the spirits we encounter.  If appropriate, we may attempt to address and resolve the root cause of the activity.


Later, once we have had an opportunity to log our experiences and review our data, we prepare a post-investigation report that includes notable portions of our investigation as well as any evidence we collected.


We conduct investigations primarily in the lower penninsula of Michigan and northern Ohio, though we are open to traveling to other regions for the right hunt!!